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f: Dear Kissa Eric, thank you very much for your (MIT licence) open source contribution.  (f,a,q): We=(f,a,q) are a team of one human, i.e. f=fridemar and two fictive agents, named a and q and we would like to collaborate with k, e.g. amplifying k’s contributions by reformulating k’s narrative part as a conversation in, which is a new CreativeCommons based wiki.

q(k): As questioning agent q, anticipating the question of k=Kissa, q lets ask k: “What can k do for the mutual benefit?

a: If k would add to k’s article a CcBySa licence, which is also the standard of Wikipedia, we could do a lot of friendly and constructive amplifying.

q: For example?

a: Transforming the article into a growing adaptable, arbitrarily fine grained ModelConversation, with an easy syntax, to be understood by human and nonhuman agents alike.

q: Wouldn’t it be nice, to build an AiChatbot, that generates ModelConversations like this, together with humans?

a: Dear k, f has a computer science background, and states, that this suggestion is serious.

q: Can we give evidence for the seriousness of our effort?

a: Here you find it in our nascent wiki as an article (sic, not as a talkpage, since A=AiPedia is going to express a totally different, much more free style as the Wikipedia, making A a place for experiments and theory building):


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CcBySa permits anyone who credits the source author(s) to: copy, edit, refactor, improve, extend, merge, make derivatives, translate, share, use commercially.