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Using Templates in MediaWiki

Templates are a powerful feature in MediaWiki that allow for the creation of reusable content blocks and standardized formatting across multiple pages. They provide a way to define a structure or layout that can be easily inserted into different wiki pages. Here's how you can use templates in MediaWiki:

Creating a Template

1. Create a new page with a name starting with "Template:" followed by the desired template name. For example, "Template:Infobox" or "Template:Navbox". 2. Edit the template page and define its content using wikitext markup. Include the desired structure, formatting, and placeholders for dynamic content. 3. Save the template page.

Using a Template

1. Edit the wiki page where you want to use the template. 2. Insert the template by adding `Template:TemplateName` to the desired location in the page, where "TemplateName" is the name of the template you created. 3. Save the page.

Template Parameters

Templates can accept parameters to allow for dynamic content and customization. Parameters are defined within double curly braces (`{{ }}`) and can be used within the template's wikitext markup.

For example, to create a template for an infobox that takes parameters for the title, image, and description, you can define it as follows:

``` Template:Infobox ```

Within the template, you can access these parameters using `{{{parameterName}}}`. For example, `{{{title}}}` would display the provided title parameter value.

Modifying Templates

To modify a template, edit the corresponding template page. Changes made to the template will be reflected on all pages that use it.

Best Practices

- Use clear and descriptive names for your templates to make them easily identifiable. - Organize templates into categories or subpages to improve navigation and organization. - Document the usage and parameters of your templates using comments or documentation sections within the template page.



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