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What if we could create links everywhere in the Web, by just writing CamelCase words like the inventor of Wikis WardCunningham introduced them in WardsWiki.

Currently the author fridemar offers this as a free OpenSource BookMarklet to empower work and collaboration on the EveriPedia.


This BookMarklet WikifyWeb turns WikiWords into UserDefinable MultiLinks. On this page you get the actual bookmarklet.

Use of the Bookmarklet

Clicking on the link WikifyWeb (at the end of this page) enriches each WikiWord in any document in the Web (articles, blogs, posts, .. ) with the following inks:

1. Mainlink: GoogleSearch

2. letter i: iqWikiSearch

3. letter w: WikiPediaSearch

4. letter t: TwitterSearch

5. letter h: TwitterHashSearch

6. letter y: YouTubeSearch

7. letter a: Fridemar.aiSearch

Drag and drop the below link WikifyWeb (on this page, not that in the sidebar) into your (Chrome, Safari Browser) BookmarksList and you can apply Wikify (nearly) everywhere in the Web.

For simplicity test all five search links on the word BookMarklet, since the author verified, that it always gives results.

To get rid of the MultiLinks simply refresh the page of the browser.


v1.1: with number subscripts

v1.2: made it mnemonic friendly with letters

v1.3: used this WikiMap = ['','','','',''] , ','' v1.4: used this WikiMap = ['','','','','','', '' ],


The author fridemar did his best to make this a useful contribution to the CreativeCommons, but cannot guarantee that each WikiWord has SearchResults nor can he take responsibility

1. for the user chosen link targets

2. for modifications of the source, which is under CcBySa


WikifyWeb work in progress

See also BookmarkletWikifyWebAlsKlartext