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q: What cookies are generally used in our MediaWikiEngine?

a: There is a technical description for the finer details at:, which we simplify to our special case.

q: Does Aipedia use cookies?

a:Cookies are not required to read or edit Aipedia, but they are required in order to log in and link edits exactly for two user accounts.

Permanent Cookies only for two users

q: So in the beta phase there are no permanent cookies but only for the users f=fridemar and k=falk?

a: Yes. E.g when f logs in, the wiki sets a temporary session cookie which identifies f's login session; this will be expired when f's browser exits (or after an inactivity timeout), and is not saved on f's hard drive.

q:What permanent cookies are set for f and k?

a:Another cookie will be saved which lists the user name (f or k) who last logged in under, to make subsequent logins just a teensy bit easier. (Actually two: one with your name, and one with your account's internal ID number; they must match up.) These cookies expire after 365 days.

q:What if f or k forgets their password?

a:If f or k checks the "remember my password" box on the login form, another cookie will be saved with a token that authenticates f or k to our MediaWikiEngine (which is unrelated to the password of f or k). As long as this remains valid, they can bypass the login steps on subsequent visits to the wiki. The cookie expires after 365 days, or is removed if they log out.